15 Conditional Grammar tips from Zero to Mixed

If you need a review of all Conditionals, check out my blog ‘How to use Conditionals in IELTS Writing’.

This lesson is a chance to review Conditional Grammar with 15 interactive examples to help you remember them better.
Play it full screen on a desktop for the best experience. 
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 IELTS Conditional Grammar Review

All of these sentences come from the slides. 

 IELTS Conditional Grammar Course

If you’d like more detailed practice and feedback using Conditionals specifically for the IELTS Test (Writing and Speaking), the 28-Day Conditionals Bootcamp is one of the many grammar courses in the Members Academy all-access pass.

The course covers:

Week 1 (Band 5+)

  • How to use Zero and First Conditional structures in Speaking Task 1 
  • Common expressions and idioms that you can use in speaking
  • Common mistakes
  • The grammar of ‘Unless’ and ‘In case’

Week 2 (Band 6+)

  • How to use Second Conditional for Speaking Part 2 and Writing Task 2
  • How to use ‘Wish/If only’
  • Alternative to ‘if’
  • More formal, less common structures
  • Other ‘hypothetical’ grammar

Week 3 (Band 7+)

  • Third conditional meaning, grammar and pronunciation
  • ‘Wish’ for regrets
  • Wish I could go vs Wish I had gone
  • More formal versions

Week 4 (Band 8+)

  • Mixed Conditional Grammar
  • Type A and Type B Mixed Conditionals
  • ‘If it wasn’t for’ expressions

BONUS: ‘wish’ vs ‘hope’

BONUS: Had better 

BONUS: Regret + ing

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