Fiona Wattam IELTS with Fiona

Hi, I’m Fiona.

I help busy people develop the essentials skills and knowledge they need to get an excellent score in the quickest and easiest possible way (IELTS is never easy!).

95% of my students get the score they need after my 3-month intensive study programme. 

The rest just stay because they enjoy it!

Problems I help you solve

  • You don't have time to study.

– You’ll be able to fit my 10-minute tutorials into your daily routine.

  • You're wasting time looking for answers on the internet.

– You can stop doing that now. I’ve done all the work for you.

  • You're so confused that you can't get started.

– My step-by-step lessons will walk you through everything you need to do.

  • You find IELTS materials boring and incomprehensible.

– You’ll find my materials refreshingly engaging and user-friendly.

  • You don't know what you're doing wrong.

– You’ll find out in my feedback sessions.

  • You keep getting the same score.

– Your Personal Progress Tracker will identify where you’re losing points.

  • You can't afford a personal tutor.

– You’ll develop independent learning skills and how to manage your progress without a private tutor.

  • You need support and reassurance.

– You’ll be able to ask questions and get help in the Private community group.

Why choose me?

  • 30 years teaching English as a Foreign Language
  • 20 years teaching IELTS as a specialist subject
  • Ex-IELTS Assessment Consultant
  • Academic Skills Tutor
  • Senior Teacher at the British Council
  • Learning Technologist
  • Passionate blogger and simplifier of complex grammar

I’ve been helping students pass the IELTS test for over 20 years.

I’ve spent 4 years putting all my expertise into the Members Academy.

The Members Academy is more than just a course. It’s a school, a community and a fabulous all-round learning EXPERIENCE, designed to help you become a confident, pro-active and independent learner.

Is my Academy right for you?

The Academy is right for you if… 

  • You're a serious, self-motivated student and prepared to work hard
  • You're taking the test for the first time and need guidance
  • You've taken the test before and need help to get a higher score
  • You're an IELTS teacher and learn the best way to help your students

The Academy is NOT right for you if… 

  • You're looking for a quick fix without doing any work.
  • You're looking for a cheap course (so it doesn't matter if you never use it).

The cost of my courses and services is based on my skills, qualifications, experience and the time that it takes me to create the very best quality materials and provide my students with the very best support.

I give away a lot of my time and materials for free but paying for high-quality tuition will mean that you are more likely to value the course, do the work and get results. 

It’s my job to make sure that you do that!

Do you have any questions?

What my students say:

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Reviews for 28-Day Vocabulary Course

The CV

  • MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (Distinction) – University of Reading 2005
  • BA/Hons First Class Degree in English and French – University of Reading 1992

  • Cambridge/RSA Diploma in TEFL – University of Swansea 1997

  • IELTS Speaking and Writing Specialist since 2002


I was born in WALES and now I live with my husband and son in Essex, near London.

I got my Cambridge TEFLA Diploma in 1997 and my MA in TEFL in 2005.

Since 1991, when I spent my University year abroad as a Teaching Assistant in Lycee Louis Lapicque (Epinal, France).

After gradiating, I started teaching Academic Skills in FRANCE at Dijon University and then I spent 3 years in JAPAN and TAIWAN. Then 4 years in POLAND and 2 years in SRI LANKA.

I teach Academic Skills at Essex University.

 I felt quite frustrated that I had so much knowledge about IELTS but I could only help a few students in my class.

I wanted to find a way to share what I know and help more people. 

With my website and Members Academy I can put all my experience, materials, tips and strategies in one place to save you time and energy.

It was always my dream to have my own school, and it’s come true!

I also really love creating interesting materials like my IELTS Mind Maps – I didn’t have time to do this when I was working full time.

I’m an IELTS geek and I know the test very well. There are other courses that have been put together by people who aren’t even teachers, and who certainly have never been examiners. 

Very often these courses just abandon you as soon as you have paid, and so you lose motivation. 

I think it’s my job to keep you motivated, keep you studying, encourage you to carry on when the going gets tough, and be there to help you when you need support.

Oh yes and I forgot to mention, my students get excellent results! I’m very close to them and very proud of what they achieve.


I compare IELTS preparation with my running experience – it’s boring and exhausting and takes ages to get better.

When I follow a programme, I get faster. But as soon as I stop, my fitness levels drop, I slow down and put on weight that makes me even slower.

That’s exactly the same as IELTS.

And nobody can run for me – I have to do it all myself.

I once paid for a personal trainer and ran the fastest I’d ever run in my life.

Fiona Wattam Running photo