Achieve IELTS band 7+ in the Members Academy

Hi, I’m Fiona, an IELTS coach with over 30 years of teaching experience.

I help students get their best IELTS score in a less stressful and more enjoyable way.

Achieve IELTS band 7+ using the IELTS with Fiona method​

I can help you...

…feel confident that you fully understand what the test requires

…keep motivated and making real progress day by day

…finally get the IELTS score you need.


I have put all of my skills and knowledge into the Members Academy Study Program so that you can start making better progress. 

You’ll get a clear and manageable plan, based on YOUR starting point. 


I know exactly what you need to focus on, and my advice is based on years of experience.

You’ll actually enjoy the learning experience so that you stay engaged and motivated.


Being part of a small, supportive, private community with me there to support and guide you will make all the difference.

You’re not doing this alone any more.

Whether you want to focus on just one tricky skill, all the skills, or need more intensive support from me, there’s an option for you.

Achieve IELTS band 7+

Why is the Members Academy different?

When you join the Academy, you’ll realise it’s more than just a course.

It combines the most modern communicative teaching techniques to help you enjoy learning.

Individual courses

From $49.00

Single course

Choose a specific course that
you’re struggling with

Private blog & community

Monthly live lessons

Members Academy
3 months


All skills courses

Ideal if you’re taking the exam in the next 3 months

Private blog and community

Monthly live lessons

Members Academy


All skills courses

Perfect if you need to get a high score

3-month Vocabulary Booster

Private blog and community

Monthly live lessons

Achieve IELTS band 7+

The benefits of IELTS

My members go on to exciting careers in a variety of fields such as medicine, engineering and dentistry. The IELTS score can help you:

What my students say

Here’s what my members loved about being in the Members Academy


“Fiona’s Reading and Writing Courses helped me get the IELTS score I needed to go to Canada and I’m still using all her tips and strategies on my University course”.

– Saurabh Patel 


Your feedback really helped in improving my overall score. I am glad to say that “Members academy” is the BEST among all other IELTS websites and the course is well structured. Amazing teachers like you are hard to find.”

– Mandeep


“In just 4 months I dramatically improved from 6 overall to 7.5 overall. Many thanks to fate for putting Fiona’s Members Academy in my path.”

– Rodrigo Sutter

Frequently asked questions

The Academy is right for you if need a system to give you structure.

If you have never taken the test before, the course is the best thing you can do to get 100% ready to take it.

If you have taken the test before, I am confident you will learn how to improve your score. There is only one level of IELTS and everyone has to do the same exam.

The Members Academy is a complete program that is carefully structured so that it’s easy to follow and complete.

I’ve chosen the best materials and done everything I can to make the lessons clear, logical and engaging.

I am very active in the Academy. I know all my members on an individual basis. You will not be left alone to struggle.

This depends entirely on you.

The core Study Program takes about 3 months if you do about an hour each day (there are options to do more if you have more time).

There are 10 main courses, and each course has 28 lessons, so technically it will take about 280 hours to complete all of the lessons.

I add new materials to the Academy every week and I also add ‘Quick Win’ videos in response to special requests from Academy Members.

Just do one thing a day. This will be enough practice to prepare you for the exam.

You can watch the videos as many times as you like, and do the exercises/worksheets over and over again until you feel confident that you’re getting the language, grammar and vocabulary right.

This depends on your timetable.

If you need a high score, this can take up to a year, so I would recommend the 12-month option for you.

This includes 12 months of daily tips, private blog, new materials, live sessions, access to me and a private community of like-minded learners.