Are you trying to improve just ONE part of the IELTS test?

My IELTS Short Booster Courses are designed to level up your test score in just 28 days.

These individual courses are perfect for you if you keep getting the same score for just one skill, or if you are just starting your IELTS journey and want to prepare one skill at a time.

Work at your own pace, do one simple task each day and track your progress, with reviewing and testing built-in.

Then, when you’re ready for feedback and coaching from me, get all the courses included in the Members Academy, with live lessons and individual feedback.

IELTS with Fiona Members Academy

IELTS with Fiona Writing Courses

IELTS Writing Task 1 course

Start producing Band 7 Task 1 responses with my full guide to describing graphs, charts and other data types.

Review key grammar and vocab as you work through the course, until you understand the real purpose of Task 1 and feel ready to describe any type of data in a formal, academic way.

See what you’ll learn.


IELTS Writing GT Task 1 Course

Start writing Band 7 letters and emails with confidence. This course covers the full range of letter types.

Review the grammar and vocabulary you need for specific letter types as you work through the course, and enjoy the feeling of writing emails fluently and confidently.

See what you’ll learn.


IELTS Writing Task 2 Course

Level up your Task 2 essays with this comprehensive course that targets a 1 Band increase in each criteria.

In this course, you will learn a different mindset for Writing Task 2, and you will start to write clear, academic essays with a new confidence and fluency.

See what you’ll learn.


IELTS with Fiona review
IELTS with Fiona review
IELTS with Fiona review

IELTS with Fiona Skills Courses

IELTS Reading Skills Course

Stop getting stuck on the Reading Test. Speed up your fluency and understanding with daily focused practice.

Finally understand the way difficult academic texts work. Designed for both General Training and Academic Reading.

See what you’ll learn.


IELTS Listening course

Learn how the Listening Test works – use signals and common answers to pick up the extra points you need for Band 7.

Finally you’ll be able to understand fast, connected speech and how the test uses clear signals and intonation to point to the answers. 

See what you’ll learn.


IELTS Speaking course

Did you know that pronunciation accounts for 25% of your Speaking score? Most people spend about 5% of their Speaking prep time on pronunciation, but this could be the difference between 6 and 7!

This course will help you overcome this final hurdle with a combination of Speaking and Pronunciation practice.

See what you’ll learn.


Testimonial Lamyia
IELTS with Fiona review
IELTS courses

IELTS with Fiona Vocabulary and Grammar Courses

IELTS Vocabulary Course

If you’re stuck at 6.5 because of your Vocabulary, this course covers all bases.

Do a different IELTS topic each, and practise it in the context of the 4 skills so that the repeated exposure helps you activate and use high-level vocabulary.

Review and revise with my quizzes and mindmaps.

See what you’ll learn.


IELTS Conditionals Course

Understand the way Conditionals work in real-life, meaningful contexts. 

Start at zero and move up to Mixed Conditionals, with personalised practice, quizzes and memorable examples.

Learn to avoid the most common mistakes.


IELTS Perfect Grammar Course

If the Present Perfect drives you crazy, and you use the Past Perfect in all the wrong places, or you need to use higher-level modals in your Writing and Speaking, this is the PERFECT course for you.

Work your way up through to the Future Perfect with examples you can use for Writing and Speaking.


IELTS with Fiona review
IELTS with Fiona review
IELTS with Fiona review

The Members Academy Bundle

I’m a strong believer that studying all the skills together, with grammar and vocabulary integrated on a daily basis, is the best way to improve each individual skill.

That’s why I put all my courses together into and Academy.

Why join the Members Academy?

You might be thinking “I don’t want to do another boring course”.

But the Members Academy is so much more than just a course – it’s a live classroom, a community and an experience.

Yes, you’ll get all my step-by-step, interactive courses which will improve every aspect of your language in a bite-sized and time-efficient way.

But you’ll also get a host of extra benefits and tools that will motivate you, keep you going, give you support and ultimately be the key to your success.

What does the Members Academy course looks like inside?

Members Academy Bonus Features

Also: all my quizzes and Quizlets (great for reviewing the key vocab), my vocabulary Mindmaps (great for remembering the key IELTS issues), and my fabulous social media posts (designed to make tricky stuff simple and more memorable), in one easily findable place.

Need more details and reviews?