Fiona's Annual Advent Challenge 2022

“You are what you repeatedly do every day. Excellence is not an act but a habit”.

Review all my Daily tips from 2022! Open one door every day to find a new topic, game, quiz or language point to help you review essential and advanced grammar points for IELTS.

door-Day 1
door-Day 2
door-Day 3
door-Day 4
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door-Day 19
door-Day 20
door-Day 21:
door-Day 22
door-Day 23
door-Day 24
door-Day 25

25 days of ideas and inspiration to level up your IELTS score

I’ve been running the IELTS Advent Challenge for the past 5 years and it’s different every time.

All of these courses are now available in the Members Academy.

2021: GRAMMAR – Review one aspect of grammar every day.

2020: Writing Task 2 – (practice a complex sentence every day)

2019: Pronunciation (the phonemic alphabet)

2018: Speaking Part 2 (2-minute daily challenge)

2017: Speaking Part 1(1-minute daily challenge)

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