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IELTS model essays 2-part questions

Get 34 model essays that answer the question two-part questions.

The guide also includes advice and tips on how to use model essays.

IELTS model essays to what extent do you agree

Get 17 model essays that answer the question “To what extent do you agree or disagree?”

The guide also includes advice and tips on how to use model essays.

IELTS essay introductions

Do you find it difficult to write the first few lines of your essay?

This guide teaches you a basic 3-line strategy that you can use to introduce your response to any question, with lots of models and examples.

IELTS writing resources

This is a handy 3-page list of links to good websites, apps and resources that will help you improve your IELTS Writing score.


Conditionals for IELTS

Confused about conditionals?

Learn how to use them in IELTS-specific contexts.

This 45-page workbook includes all of the materials and exercises from my videos lessons.

articles a an the zero for IELTS

Confused about articles?

This complete guide will help you understand, practise and use articles correctly in IELTS-specific contexts.

IELTS with Fiona books

Flexibility is a key word in the IELTS Writing Band 7 criteria for Vocabulary. But many people don’t understand its importance.

This comprehensive guide to word formation patterns and forms will allow you to show more flexibility, precision and formality in your Writing.

Books about IELTS Speaking and Listening

fast speech for IELTS listening

Struggling to understand accents in the Listening Test?

Learn to ‘decode’ fast speech so that you understand more.

IELTS Speaking Planner Parts 1 and 2

Need more practise with Speaking?

This planner full of prompts and tips will help you get organised and stay consisten.

IELTS Listening gapfill answers

If you struggle with IELTS Listening gapfill questions (especially in Part 4), this workbook will help you understand and spell common answer types.

It includes lists of tricky spelling-sound problems PLUS pronunciation guides so you can hear the answer more easily.

FREE IELTS 28-day Planner

IELTS Academic Study Planner

Feeling overwhelmed with too much information?

My FREE study planner is a diary and organiser with daily tasks and links to materials so you do something every day.

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